Theme demo content: importing into Orchard

Starting in release X.X.X.2, BindTuning themes are packaged including demo content which can be directly imported into your Orchard website.

Important: Your BindTuning theme must be installed and applied to the site, prior to proceeding.

To import demo content into your Orchard website, proceed as follows:

  1. Login to, and go to your account. Download your theme's demo content .zip file:
  2. Extract the zip file to your computer. File is named
  3. The extracted file is an XML file.
  4. Login to your Orchard website as administrator
  5. Go to Dashboard (http://YOURURL/Admin)
  6. You may need install “Import Export” Module
    1. Go to "Modules"
    2. Search by “Import Export”
    3. Check and Click “Enable”
  7. Open “Import Export” module
  8. Upload demo content file (.XML) and click “Import”
  9. You're done.


  • Please select the correct xml file according to your installed Orchard version. If you have an version below 1.9 select "DemoContent_Before_v1.9.xml", if equal or above 1.9 select "DemoContent.xml".
  • All demo pages will use the default layout, if you wish to change to a specific layout see this article Assigning a layout to a single page or How to change the default Layout.
  • The demo content will create a new menu, so you need to "Unpublish" the default menu "MainMenu" on the admin Widgets section to use the new menu.
  • To set one of the demo pages as home page, must check the option "Set as home page" on the page edit options in Content section.
  • The demo images are not automatically imported, they need to be uploaded manually on the Media Library and update on the demo content their url paths.
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