How to change the default Layout

We've designed BindTuning themes to include different Layouts so that you can choose the best fit for your website. From a Boxed Layout, Boxed Layout with a sidebar, to your typical Home Page Layout. 

You can find all the Layouts available for your theme by opening your theme in live preview mode and hove over the Layouts on the top menu.

You can also check the Layouts available by unzipping your "yourthemename".nupkg file and opening the folder Content>Themes>"yourthemename" and Views. 

When you install your theme in your website, the Layout that is applied to your website is the one called Layout.cshtml, which is the default Layout. However, you can easily choose one of the other Layouts available as the default Layout simply by changing the name of the Layout file. 

With that said, lets dig in and change your Layout:

    1. Unzip your "yourthemename".ORX1.nupkg file, if you haven't already;
    2. Open the unzipped file and open the folder Content > Themes > "yourthemename" > Views;
    3. Rename the Layout.cshtml file to RENAMED.cshtml;
    4. Rename the Layout-*.cshtml file you want to set as default to Layout.cshtml (so this will set it as default);
    5. Now compress your unzipped folder to create "yourthemename";
    6. Rename "yourthemename" to "yourthemename".ORX1.nupkg;
    7. Install "yourthemename".ORX1.nupkg file in yourwebsite;


If you trying to rename your file and the result is that means your windows option "Hide extensions for known file types" is checked so you're not able to change the extension to .nupkg. And if you try to install the theme, it will result in error. So, to uncheck this option go to organize > Folder and Search Options, then click on the View tab. Search for the "Hide extensions for known file types" and uncheck it.


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    Heidi Bellerue

    Are these instructions for O365 or on premise? It looks like O365 to me. Do you have on premise instructions for changing the default page layout? Thanks!

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