Can I save my theme customizations for later?

Customizing a theme, and perfecting its branding is not an "exact science". Sometimes we must customize versions over and over, creating multiple versions, comparing, deciding. Along the way we need to save some of these customizations for later, the ones we love best, ensuring our best designs are kept safe.

If you are working on a customization, and need to save it to continue customizing later, or if you want to save multiple configurations for further testing, you can do it by using this option.

All BindTuning theme customizations are centralized inside our Customizer Tool. This same tool provides you with the ability to store customizations, as described in the article below. Further information relating to the customization process can be found here.

Saving a customization for later

  1. At the bottom of the customization panel look for the colored icon. It will always inform you if the current settings are saved as a customization or not. If the icon is yellow, current selections are not saved. Click the icon to save;

  2. Click on Save customization to create a new one, or give the customization the same name of another one, to override this existing customization;
  3. Saving is like a snapshot, it'll save this exact moment. If you make one change to the theme, you'll need to save it again whenever you want to keep it.

Managing your customizations

  1. Click option My Assets;

  2. Click on My Customizations;

  3. This is your customizations management area:
    • Click one customization to apply it;
    • Click the floppy-disk icon to override a saved customization with the currently applied settings;
    • Click the ellipsis (...) to: 
      • Share your customization; 

        Further information on how to share your customizations can be found here.

      • Delete your customization.


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