How can I request a trial theme for CMSs other than SharePoint?

If you are planning to purchase one of BindTuning themes, maybe the best way to start is by downloading a free trial theme.

This feature will allow you to test themes in your real WCM/ECM environment, and try multiple different configurations, completely free.

How do I download a trial theme?

Downloading a trial theme is really simple.

  1. Customize your theme using the BindTuning customization tool.
  2. In the customization panel click Get theme 
  3. Name your theme
  4. Click Get trial and you're done!

That's it! You will receive your custom theme in minutes.


What are the conditions to use a trial theme?

Free Downloads

Trial themes are completely FREE and you can download them as many times as you need.
Ideal to test different configurations before requesting your final theme.

Use them for 30 days

Trials will work great for 30 days, counting from the moment you install them.


Unfortunately we are unable to provide trials for HTML5 themes.
As an alternative, we suggest testing our free TheBootstrapTheme so you can get a notion how the entire process works.

Behind a proxy or firewall?

If you're behind a firewall or proxy, you might not be able to install a trial.
You can however add an exception in your system to try to make it work:

Server details:

Non-authoritative answer:

Restrictions of use

Trials cannot in any case be adapted/changed/edited
Trials cannot be used in production websites and are only meant to be installed for testing purposes

Trials in Sharepoint

Trials in DotNetNuke

When installing for DotNetNuke, make sure to allow some file extensions (ashx, dll) which are required to run trials.

Trials in Kentico

The following steps are mandatory when installing trial themes in Kentico:

  • Extract and copy folder ThemesTrials to the root of Kentico installation; “web site root”: \ThemesTrials
  • Extract and copy folder THEMENAME to “web site root”: \App_Themes\THEMENAME
  • Follow the steps in Kentico Installation User Guide

"Trial theme expired" message

If a message "trial theme expired" appears after installing the trial, note that:

  • Trial themes (unlike full version themes) require Internet access on the server
  • Prior to installing a trial, make sure to uninstall any other BindTuning trials or themes, since conflicts may occur
  • Verify the theme is still in its valid trial period. If not, you can extend your trial for another 7 days.

Experiencing a delay when theme loads?

Since trial themes perform a lot of validations prior to displaying the theme, usually you can see a few seconds delay before the theme is correctly opened.

This behavior does not occur in purchased themes!


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