Fix release: All themes updated (all platforms) to vX.X.X.4

Launched on Oct 10, 2014, for all responsive themes: 

This release solves the following issues:


  • Fixed: some media queries styles were not being applied (all themes, all CMS)
  • Fixed: left accordion navigation, on click, now only one element is opened at a time (all themes, all CMS)
  • Fixed: TheBootstrapTheme now accepts images taller than 50px 
  • Fixed: SPC theme had a space between top navigation and submenu items in IE7 and IE8
  • Fixed: Rrrango search box was transparent in IE7 and IE8
  • Fixed: InvisibleDog search box was transparent in IE7 and IE8
  • Updated: All themes were updated for all CMS, to standardize the following ids:
    • #bt-slider (slider zone)
    • #bt-pagetitle (page title zone)
    • #bt-sidebar (sidebar column)
    • #bt-content (content column)

Sharepoint (SP2013 and Office365)

  • Fixed: Office365 installer not working
  • Fixed: Documents drag-an-drop was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Metadata pages had an empty column to the left when sidebar masters were applied
  • Fixed: Search results preview dialogs (on mouse over on a search result) were not correctly positioned
  • Fixed: Newsfeed search box had an alignment issue in the magnifier icon
  • Fixed: Issue related with Drag & Drop on the edit menu links
  • Fixed: Small calendar month text (on left quick launch bar) was sometimes white (not readable)
  • Fixed: Farm solution versions of the themes had an issue loading mobile navigation styles (navigation displayed desktop style when in mobile)
  • Fixed: Search results totals in left sidebar where displaying below corresponding label
  • Fixed: Form labels misaligned with text box
  • Fixed: Uncompressed css files were being compressed
  • Fixed: Trials were not displaying fonts correctly, due to an error in font files paths
  • Fixed: Trials in IE were displaying mobile navigation at all times
  • Fixed: in SPC theme, search box scope icon was displaced in large screens
  • Fixed: in Terra theme, search scope drop-down list was hidden
  • New: Support for the new Office365 suitebar style


  • Fixed: Search magnifier being display in a second line in some themes
  • Fixed: Submenus misaligned in some themes
  • Updated: All terminology has been updated from "Skin" to "Theme", according to directives from DNN Corp


  • Fixed: Issue related with styling for the Overlay core module
  • Fixed: rebuild_registry on theme options during theme development

  • Fixed: Forum template didn't render links properly


  • Fixed: Font Awesome icons not being rendered in Kentico7


  • Fixed: FontAwesome icons not being displayed in Orchard trials
  • Fixed: Empower theme Tripel First zone was displaying a wrapping panel


  • New: Custom Widget to display in tabs the Recent Posts, Recent Comments and Popular Post. Widget options have also been added.
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  • Avatar
    Alejandro Cifuentes

    My theme for Office 365 (based on Slayte) it's on version and doesn't offer me the upgrade (I only have the "generate again" but not the "Upgrade to version" button...

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