Fix release: All themes updated (all platforms) to vX.X.X.3

Launched on Jul 18, 2013,  for all responsive themes: 

This release solves the following issues:


  • New: Base framework updated to run Bootstrap 3.2. This affects all responsive themes.
  • Fixed: Flickr widget not working after Flickr API Going SSL-Only on June 27th, 2014. Affects the following themes: Interface, SampleKit and SPC.
    More info:
  • Fixed: icon-rounded classes had a vertical align issue. Affects the following themes: Rrrango, Terra and WePro
  • Fixed: Rrrango submenus could not be clicked when mousing over top navigation

Sharepoint (SP2013 and Office365)

  • Fixed: Navigation not behaving correctly in mobile versions for O365 public facing site and SP2013 farm version. Navigation was either disappearing or not being responsive.
  • Fixed: Zeus theme, hide search box from pages where search does not exist, namely search results and site settings.
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