Fix release: All themes updated (all platforms) to vX.X.X.2

Launched on Jun 21, 2014,  for all responsive themes: 

This release solves the following issues:


  • Documentation: User Guides have been updated
  • Improved BindTuning navigation token. Now the navigation token can accept the following parameters: 

    MobileStyle (Toggle or Select) and MobileBreakpoint (viewport width from where mobile navigation is displayed)

  • Improved mobile toggle navigation
  • Improved mobile megamenu navigation
  • Upgraded icons to FontAwesome v4.1.0
  • Fixed: problem with "?" (question marks) being displayed on footer area (TheBootstrapTheme and Zeus)
  • Fixed: Flexo content overflowing in mobile size due to select nav width
  • Fixed: Terra toggle buttons formatting issues
  • Fixed: tokens could not be (un)selected when customizing the Empower theme
  • Fixed: href full links were visible when printing to paper
  • Added: Additional sample flag icons for most CMSs


  • Fix problem when dragging modules to panes on edit mode


  • Testing for Orchard 1.8
  • Added: Orchard Form Widget Styles

Sharepoint (SP2013 and Office365)

  • New: Page layouts are included in all v2013 packages
  • New: Adding a carousel to home page wide placeholders is now much easier. refer to KB article
  • Fixed: Scroll not working correctly in mobile devices (to read the full solution, refer to KB article

  • Fixed: Documents drag-and-drop misaligned (SP2013 on-premises only)
  • Fixed: Vertical navigation was overriding webpart properties in "The Bootstrap Theme"
  • Fixed: Mobile menu not scrolling in Zeus theme
  • Fixed: Content misaligned and scrolling issues in Gantt charts module
  • Fixed: qcb-buttons formatting issues
  • Fixed: Microfeed did not have a responsive behavior (basically fixing a SharePoint issue)
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