Fix release: All themes updated (all platforms)

Launched on Dec 21st, 2012.

This release solves the following issues:

All CMSs

Solve security warnings due to http calls in the page

New parameters added to the menu script, which control: select MouseOver or OnClick for accordion menus, set Speed

Woff error solved

Removed call to non-existing file responsive.css


Left menu disabled items were not showing child pages



Unable to use the theme with lists with column type "Multiple lines of text" using the Rich Text option

Search pages had a blank left space column aside with search results

Wiki pages had misaligned items

By default set iemode to IE8 instead of IE-EDGE

Empty content zones were displaying a blank area when not used

New styles added to fix language submenu issues

Office365 - Fix popups width issue

Office 365 - Fix wrong path to file widgets.js


CSS compressed and uncompressed version caused different styling in some cases

Add FooterZone to themes where it was missing

All views were now renamed to Layout-XXX.cshtml

Add styles for new Orchard v1.6 menu structure

Trials were not displaying error message when trial expired

Extra menu dropdown was displaying in IE8

SPC theme

Format submenu hover styles

Add Sharepoint webpart chrome styles

Solve prettyphoto script error

Invent theme 

Fix breadcrumb over top navigation in SP2010 and Office365

Fix NavAux z-index in DNN7

Fix content area not expanding in wiki pages for SP2010

Temple theme

Logo was disappearing when not using vertical navigation


Terra theme

Left navigation issues solved in Orchard

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