Fix release: Metro updated (all platforms) to v2.0.1.0

This release solves the following issues:

  • Selecting/unselecting menus in Bind Tuning
  • Selecting/unselecting tokens in Bind Tuning
  • Added new menu colors to be configured in Bind Tuning
  • Added new container colors to be configured in Bind Tuning
  • Carousel not sliding in IE9
  • Carousel arrows color was wrong
  • Glyphicons not being shown when icon styles were applied
  • Class .btn text color was wrong
  • Tabs and Pills had no formatting at all
  • Clean containers had extra spacing to the sides
  • jQuery call caused mixed security issue (http/https)
  • Tooltips not displaying
  • Search position z-index was causing search icon to stay over other page elements
  • Message box colors were wrong for error and info boxes
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