Web Parts Release - March 2024

Accordion (v2.1.1.36)



New (Modern Office 365): New web part experience

Organize topics and large content blocks into an accordion for a user-friendly reading experience.

Top Features

  • Maximize Content Space: Expandable blocks present content in a digestible format.
  • Effortless Navigation: Locate information with integrated search.
  • Flexible Text Editing: 4 options – Plain text, Markdown, HTML, and Rich Text Editor. Supports multiple, simultaneous editors.
  • Improved Visual Presentation: Enhance content with fully branded, formatting including images, videos, links, and icons from Font Awesome or Fabric libraries.
  • Customizable Accordion Layouts: Format accordions to have one or more sections always open.
  • Expanded Data Sources: Grab content from 3 sources — SharePoint lists, direct creation within the web part, or integration with document libraries.
  • Efficient Sorting Options: Sort accordion content by field or via drag-and-drop functionality.

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