Fix release November 21, 2023

This release will be available starting November 21 and affects several themes.


IMPORTANT: This release is only available for the following platforms.


Office 365 (modern experience)


Fixed: Hub navigation sub-menu does not work in specific situations.

The sub-menu does not appear when navigating to search page, resizing the page into mobile resolutions and clicking on "Focus Mode" button


Improvement: Click on the SharePoint "Focus Mode" button, hide the theme header (logo, site title, and navigation).
Now clicking on the "Focus Mode" button will give more page view by hiding the theme header, where has the logo, page title, navigation and in some themes more elements.


New: Added "Sensitivity label" action to the BindTuning Settings.
When a site collection has a sensitivity label set now can be visible on the themes. By default is "active" in the BindTuning settings in the Actions panel.


Office 365 & SharePoint 2019 (modern experience)


Fixed: Show navigation edit button to the user with permission in the current site.

The edit button was not showed in site collections associated to an Hub and inheriting the settings from it. The user permissions was being validated from where the Settings were loaded and not from the current site permissions.


Fixed: Ribbon collapsed by default in Site Contents.

When navigating to the "Site Contents" page the Ribbon was always hiding although predefined as "Open" in settings


Improvement: Support of tokens in the Logo and Page title link URL settings.

Now can be set tokens to the settings to get current site or site collection relative URL

  • current site: {site}
    • The use of this token can be useful when,the theme is applied to a site collection with sub-sites, the logo will be linked to each current site.
  • Site collection: {sitecollection}
    • The use of this token can be useful when, the theme is applied to a site collection and his sub-sites and each one has the Logo linked to parent site collection.

The use of both tokens can be useful when, the theme is applied to an Hub and associated sites and each site collection has to have the Logo linked to the current site collection.



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