Fix release: update to x.x.x.13

This release will be available starting December 06, 2017 and affects several themes.

IMPORTANT: This release is only available for the following platforms:

SharePoint 2013/2016/Hybrids/CSS Only, Office 365, DNN 7/8/9, HTML5,
Kentico 6/7/8/9, Orchard & Umbraco 4/7.


This release solves the following issues:

All Themes

  • New: Menu added new click method (spatial and long press);
  • Fixed: click event on Menu not working when clicking child element;
  • Fixed: Menu left to right hover problem in IE;
  • Improvement: added support for multi level vertical menus in SharePoint themes;
  • Fixed: submenu items closing parent item on click event;
  • Fixed: Menu maxcols are now being executed everytime;
  • Improvement: Menu accordion animation;
  • Fixed: Menu submenu position calculation;
  • Fixed: Menu maxcols when initialized as 0;
  • Fixed: iPhone bootstrap modal issue (modal behind backdrop);
  • Improvement: When sidebar navigation is empty bt-content zone is widened to 100%;
  • Fixed: Background flickering issue;
  • Improvement: SharePoint modal styling;
  • Improvement: SharePoint form styling uniformization;
  • Improvement: SharePoint search refiner styles;
  • Improvement: Miscelaneous SharePoint content and system pages style;
  • Fixed: SharePoint Ribbon on top of content;
  • Fixed: SharePoint Ribbon disappearing on iOS devices;
  • Fixed: SharePoint modal overflow;

eShop, Kraft, Ignite, Inspire & Engage

  • New: Card styles (shadows, borders etc) applied to general SharePoint elements.

Temple, Adele, Zeus, Flexo, Terra, WePro, Rrrango & SPC

  • Improvement: more corporate images in demo content.

Engage & Inspire

  • Fixed: Parallax not working;
  • Fixed: Unable to scroll inside modals;
  • Improved: Fabric UI icons moved to package (previously coming from MS CDN service) and removed from platforms other than SP (falling back to fontawesome).


  • Fixed: Submenu verticaly misaligned issue;

SampleKit, SPC, Flexo, Interface

  • Improvement: Twitter.js updated to v17.0.0

SharePoint CSS Only themes

  • Fixed: issues when using the Parallax Tool;
  • Improvement: performance on the theme modals render.

SharePoint Themes

  • Fixed: issues with jQuery conflits.




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