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How can I upload my own fonts?

BindTuning themes also support custom fonts. To upload your own fonts to the Builder tool, please follow these steps:

  1. On the builder tool, click on your gravatar and then My Fonts;


  2. Click on Upload fonts or drag to upload your custom fonts. Now that the fonts are available in your own assets, you can apply it to the theme's different zones;

    These are the formats required by the builder tool, depending on the browser in use:

    • .EOT
    • .TTF
    • .WOFF
    • .WOFF2
    • .SVG


  3. Switch to the Customize window and click on Text/Links;
  4. Click on the pencil icon to edit either the Base Text or Headings;  
  5. Click on All Fonts to open the drop-down option and then click on My Fonts 
  6. Click to apply the custom font to your custom theme.


To upload a .ZIP file format, you will need to use the following folder structure:  

  • YourFont.ZIP
  • YourFont.EOT
  • YourFont.TTF
  • YourFont.WOFF
  • YourFont.WOFF2
  • YourFont.SVG

If your fonts files are in a different format, you can always convert them using an online converter. Like these:

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