Fix Release: All Themes (by BindTuning)

This release was launched on May 9, 2017.

IMPORTANT: This release is only available for the following platforms:

SharePoint 2013/2016/Hybrids/CSS Only, Office 365, DNN 7/8/9, HTML5,
Kentico 6/7/8/9, Orchard, Umbraco 4/7.

SharePoint CSS Only Themes

  • New: BindMenu (new options on BindTuning Settings);
  • Fixed: MoveToSliderZone action;
  • Fixed: BreadCrumb on IE;
  • Fixed: Social Icons click on IE;

All Themes (by BindTuning)

  • Fixed: On mobile, when pressing the menu item icon directly nothing happened;
  • Added: On desktop, a delay on menu item hover so that it doesn't display instantly;
  • Fixed: Megamenu wrongly positioning itself off screen;
  • Fixed: Increased spacing between mobile menu items;
  • Fixed: Extra Links icons not displaying;
  • Fixed: Submenu arrow now point to the right instead of bottom;
  • Fixed: Overall styling improvements.
  • Added: Menu arrow icon when an item has a submenu.

Flexo, Terra, SampleKit, InvisibleDog, SPC, Interface, Empower and Invent

  • Updated: Menu arrow updated to a Font Awesome icon.

eShop, Temple, Ignite and Kraft

  • Fixed: Missing scroll when overflowing menu items.


  • Fixed: Search dropdown getting hidden with the menu closed;


  • Added: Option to define menu background color;
  • Fixed: Menu Edit links option is not assuming the menu text color on scroll.
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