A new version of my platform is available. Am I entitled to an upgrade?

WCM/CMS Platforms we support get frequent updates, and new versions are released frequently. 

Depending on the platform, minor versions will be published several times a year, while major versions may be published once a year, or every few years.

Minor version updates

Minor version changes are fully supported by BindTuning. If theme changes are required due to a minor version release, you will be entitled to a new download as soon as we update our engine, and make themes ready for that version. These updates, as well as our own updates within the same major version, are completely free.

Major version upgrades

Major version changes typically have greater impact on theme structures, and we may be forced to create a completely different engine version. In this scenario, a new license for the new version will be required.

As an example, upgrading from SharePoint 2013 to 2016, or from Umbraco 6 to Umbraco 7 require a new license. If no major changes exist, then we will support the new major version within the same license, as for example Kentico 6 & 7, which work with the same BindTuning license.

In case a new license is required for the upgrade, you will be entitled to a 30% discount on the upgraded license. An upgrade version is also available on your theme's details page:

(check the "Upgrade to SP2016..." button on the image below)

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